TriField 100XE

$199.95 $148.95 HST

TriField ® Meter measures 3 types of electromagnetic fields: AC magnetic field, AC electric field, and radio (including microwaves).

The 3-axis TriField Meter solves that problem by measuring the true strength of the field regardless of which way it is oriented, so areas can be scanned for a maximum reading.

2 magnetic ranges cover 0.2-100 milliGauss. The electric range covers 5-1000 V/m

Radio/microwave covers 10 to 1000 microwatts/square cm which includes the maximum permissible public exposure levels in all countries.

Operates about 40 hours on replaceable standard 9V battery, has a low battery indicator.

Analog (needle-type) display has very fast response time compared to digital.




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