Pulsor® techniques


  Monique Michaud, instructor  

as trained by Dr. George T. F. Yao


Pulsors resonate with and harmonize subtle energy activity. In persons, interaction with Pulsors leads to increased well-being. Pulsors are known as “the healer’s” healer.


$ 350 (minus $25 per person, if 2 or more attending) + GST.

price reductions apply for advance payments, please inquire



health practitioners and responsible laypersons willing to improve their lifestyle

those interested in polarity balancing, harmonization, energizing and release from emotional, muscular and nervous tension…therapists doing body or energy work might have a special interest, for it may prevent them from feeling drained by "negative" energy transfer and can help amplify & tone the energies of both therapist and client.



Biophysical energies, basic concepts. 

What are Pulsors? What do they do? How do they work? How to use them? 

The applications of different kinds of Pulsor frequencies. 

Body energy fields, centres and polarities -- and their detection. What are vortex polarities? What reverses polarities? 

Balancing subtle energies. Harmonizing the energy flow in your home and workplace. Use of the Pulsor for balancing yourself and others. Scanning others. Detection and correction of energy blocks within the practitioner's body after working on others. Pain relief. Basics of subtle energy management, creating a positive vortex, creating a negative vortex. Rules for the formation of stimulating and relaxing energy systems. Coupling of the 3 energy body fields. Coupling effects on blood pressure. Relief of neck and shoulder tensions. De-stressing methods and more...

The Pulsor consists of millions of micro-crystals designed and processed to function as energy resonators - receivers and transmitters at specific frequencies. When placed within the body's energy field, these crystals tend to receive, amplify and re-transmit the body energies with an ordered scalar pulse of their own. The Pulsor absorbs inharmonious waveforms, re-orders them and then efflux them as bioenergetically "clean" emissions reinstating in users feelings of physical, emotional and mental relaxation. The Pulsor's function is to get the body's energy back onto natural alignments and normalize its biological resonances. 

[This] is a subtle system of treatment using devices that automatically synchronize with the body's energies, amplifying and cleansing them in a way that no magnet can and enhancing the effects of "Healing Hands ". When the subtle energies are thus energized, healing automatically begins to take place. Pulsor represent the simplest and most powerful way of using crystals that I have yet encountered." - John Davidson

Friday evening (7 - 10 PM) session is introductory, including the science and the theory - for the general public;

  Saturday (9:30 AM - 5:30 PM) session is directed at applications training.  

  Sunday (10:30 AM - 5:30 PM) session consists of hands-on practice.

Please call for information on our next workshop in your area.





There is a Pulsor manual available.

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