Purple Plates - legacy of Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla - the scientist who introduced the world to the alternating current technologies of electrical power generation, transmission, the radio technology we use and other innovations such as computer language, remote-control systems, car engine starters -  took considerable interest in crystalline materials. He collected the then best available scientific literature on crystalline materials - indeed, his holdings and articles located in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade on the subject are impressive.

As a result of such research by him, he progressed onto advanced methods of refining materials from powdered ores. These novel extractive processes were successfully demonstrated to the best expert metallurgists of the day. His techniques did not require blast furnace operation and were demonstrable in room environment. Unfortunately, little is known about these demonstrations.

Nikola Tesla developed high-resolution X-Ray devices which would permit him to observe crystalline lattices in materials and to note how the configuration of these could be modified by the various energy emitting devices he designed - including his coils, his carbon button lamps and his exhausted or phosphorent tube.

We know that Tesla adamantly stood by certain concepts of atomic structure and inter-atomic activity, energy wave propagation, even to the point of publicly criticizing Albert Einstein, coming up with empirical data to back up his position. Evidently his statements were backed up by the certitude of observations made in numerous experiments. Tesla actually developed an electron microscope that allowed him to observe effects on materials induced through his high-energy devices (so had greater energy density than our nuclear reactors), decades ahead of his time. 

It was with this research direction, high-energy sources and advanced monitoring systems that Nikola Tesla was in a position to uncover the methodology to molecularly re-structured materials. Molecules can be re-organized either internally and between themselves and certain energy sources can modify these critical molecular relationships. For example, pharmaceuticals have "expiry" dates due to the changes in these molecular bonds. The re-structured materials based on Nikola Tesla's research and technologies provide new scientific and technological opportunities.

Tesla developed a process of de-gassifying, refining and purifying materials. One of his methods was sold to the American Smelting and Refining Company in the early 1930s. Dr. A. J. Phillips, superintendent of the company stated that $25,000 was invested in the novel process. A similar process, developed more extensively by Tesla, was investigated with due diligence by John G. Trump, a M. I. T. engineer commissioned by the United States National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) of the Office of Scientific Research and Development during the examination of the contents of 80 trunks of Nikola Tesla's death in 1943. Mr. Trump's examination was accompanied by John Newington (New York City office of the Office of Alien Property), Charles Hedetniemi, OAP Washington representative, Willis George of the Office of Naval Intelligence and Edward Palmer, John Corbett, both with the United States Marine Reserves.

Another researcher, Bloyce Fitzgerald, who also worked at M.I.T., and a protégé of Nikola Tesla, gained access to Tesla's research on open-ended vacuum tubes. Such  tubes - and other Tesla apparati were able to attain voltages of up to 50,000,000 volts, used to yield very small particles in concentrated, non-dispersive rays. By the 1920s, these tubes were the core of Tesla's high-energy beam technology. As early as 1894, Tesla achieved dematerialization through radiant energy emissions. Tesla found, and reported to, engineering institutions that he could dematerialize highly polished carbon, diamonds and other crystalline materials, including rubies.

Also in 1894, Tesla achieved laser effects by forcing energy into the non-linear medium of not only solid rubies but also the even-still-more highly non-linear media of molten ruby drops. Clearly, he was aware of the technological implications of plasma in non-linear physics. So perhaps Tesla was able to observe that under specific conditions the inter-relationships between time, space, gravity, electromagnetic and subatomic forces can become interpenetrable in terms of an unified energy system.

Purple Plates - a high-energy research legacy

There exist curiosity items - Purple Plates - that are directly linked to Tesla's scientific achievements in the use of high-energy emissions. These are the legacy of experience obtained by individuals who enjoyed direct and privileged access to Nikola Tesla's laboratory work. The items are made with materials characterized by naturally orderly lattices - such as aluminium, sand and certain plastics. These lattices are energetically forced into a still more homogenous and regular patterns and molecular characteristics. There is reason of believe that mono-polarity is obtained within these treated solids and that the special states achieved therein are transferable to surrounding media - gaseous, liquid or solid, organic or inorganic.

In the public domain since the 1970s, these items have been applied by tens of thousands of users worldwide. Reported observations include: neutralization of acidific properties of water and other liquids (such as wines), imparting of new properties of gases such as ionisation. The freezing point of liquids are temporarily altered in the proximity to the treated lattices.

The Purple Plates are also known as "energy plates". They were commercially introduced by Ralph Bergstresser, an aide to Nikola Tesla, appointed by President Roosevelt along with Bloyce Fitzgerald, during the last months of his life in the 1940s. After his retirement in the 1970s, Ralph Bergstresser drew upon his lab experience with Tesla to generate a wide range of innovative consumer products using this high-energy technology: refreshers for refrigerators, plant-life boosters, water softeners, water-coolers for air-conditioning, fossil fuel economisers, life energy helpers and even chlorine-free swimming-pool maintenance. Consumer feedback  also reported widespread accelerated wound and sore healing, headache and pain relief in the presence of the molecularly restructured materials. These items have been particularly well received by environmentally sensitive materials. Also pet lovers had their say on "miracles".

Purple plate - positive energy restructured materials based on Nikola Tesla's technology:

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